About AUM Fidelity

AUM Fidelity is a recording label & action concern long devoted to creative sound & song. Principal focus from birth on transcendent jazz & elemental soul music. Launched in 1997, Brooklyn NYC, and perpetually producing vanguard album works with eternal masters of music since.

Centering Records was co-launched –anew– with William Parker in 2001, in order to further document & present his profound and profoundly far-ranging work.

TAO Forms was co-launched with percussionist-conceptualist Whit Dickey in 2020 in order to present more work from both established masters & next generation life-devotees of the music.

And CaseQuarter was co-launched with gospel music aficionado & WFMU–Sinner's Crossroads host Kevin Nutt in 2003, in order to rock your world in positive fashion, too!

This is the official website for all above sources of vital sounds / inspiration toward action. Truth: for All to work toward bettering the living circumstances of All human, animal & plant life on Earth is best for All concerned. 

Compassion Is The Key.

Thank You for being a part of the positive while you're here and able to.

AUM Fidelity
PO Box 723
South Orange, NJ 07079