May Light, Love & Wisdom Always Be Strong.

AUM Fidelity, Centering Records, and TAO Forms are each recording labels that believe in the transformative power of Music toward the collective positive.

Latest releases & welcome news:

WILLIAM PARKER – Meditation/Resurrection

Magnificent / most recent studio sessions by two of Parker's flagship groups. This 2017 release available again in deluxe ltd edition reprint/repress. 2CD Set & very special pre-order bundle offer. Deluxe 2-CD

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DAVID S. WARE / Apogee – Birth of a Being

The vital / essential first recordings as a leader by David S. Ware, with trio Apogee. The definitive edition, in deluxe ltd edition reprint/repress. 2CD Set & special pre-order bundle offer. Deluxe 2-CD

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Brandon López – vilevilevilevilevile vilevilelevilelevilelevilelevilelevile..

The exquisite new solo bass work by young maestro Brandon López. The strings & wood frame wholly utilized as called for at every moment. "This is virtuosity as vocabulary.." CD & LP

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Big Ears Festival 2023

William Parker, Gerald Cleaver, Ava Mendoza, James Brandon Lewis, and AUM Fidelity – all of our first visits to Big Ears Festival is this year! We are stoked, verily, and hope truly to cross paths with any reading this who'll be there too.

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MATTHEW SHIPP – Solo Performance, CUNY, April 7

Solo Shipp performances are always a distinctly scintillating experience & Highly Recommended. This one to come – his first in this hall at CUNY – is also Free Admission (!) but you Do Need to Register for tickets. Don't Sleep!

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WILLIAM PARKER – Universal Tonality

Universal Tonality presents an epic performance/happening which brings Parker's titular concept to full, vibrant life. An exquisite example of this system in practice, featuring a once-in-a-lifetime assembly of creative music luminaries and legends. Deluxe 2-CD

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  • Matthew Shipp – Codebreaker
  • Whit Dickey Quartet – Root Perspectives
  • William Parker – Mayan Space Station
  • Kirk Knuffke Trio – Gravity Without Airs
  • William Parker – Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World [Volumes 1–10]
  • Joe Morris Quartet – A Cloud of Black Birds
  • Little Women – Throat
  • James Brandon Lewis / Red Lily Quintet – Jesup Wagon