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Latest releases & welcome news:

Fay Victor / Herbie Nichols SUNG – Life is Funny That Way

TAO Forms is very proud to present this major new work from singular singer-lyricist-bandleader Fay Victor. A loving celebration & deeply felt reconsideration of the great jazz composer Herbie Nichols, created by a long-devoted and throughly empathic quintet of veteran jazz performers.

Deluxe 2LP & 2CD

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William Parker – Lifetime Achievement Celebration

William Parker will be the Lifetime Achievement honoree at the 2024 Vision Festival, which will take place June 18-23 at Roulette, Brooklyn.

Absolutely 100% x 10 !
See you there !!

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James Brandon Lewis / Red Lily Quintet – For Mahalia, With Love

James Brandon Lewis & his Red Lily Quintet returned in 2023 with this majestic new album. A gorgeous, glorious & endlessly inventive 21st century jazz evocation of gospel icon Mahalia Jackson's mighty essence by this once-in-a-lifetime band.

Voted #1 Album of the Year in the Francis Davis Jazz Critics Poll, the most extensive such poll in the world.

Deluxe 2LP & 2CD

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Mendoza Hoff Revels – Echolocation

The astonishing debut album from Mendoza Hoff Revels, an electric & formidable new unit led by Ava Mendoza (electric guitar, compositions) & Devin Hoff (electric bass, compositions); feat. James Brandon Lewis (tenor sax) & Ches Smith (drums).

100% dopamine activation on every spin. + 2023 "Best Albums of the Year" –The Wire, The New York Times & NPR.


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Brandon López – vilevilevilevilevile..

The exquisite new solo bass work by young maestro Brandon López. The strings & wood frame wholly utilized as called for at every moment.

"This is virtuosity as vocabulary." And the story that Lopez is telling here is more crucially vital to know in every fiber of your being that ever before.


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William Parker – Universal Tonality

Universal Tonality presents an epic performance/happening which brings Parker's titular concept to full, vibrant life.

An exquisite example of this system in practice, featuring a once-in-a-lifetime assembly of creative music luminaries and legends.

Deluxe 2CD

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