May Light & Love Be Strong This Season, and all seasons to come.

The vast majority of works from AUM Fidelity, Centering Music & TAO Forms were created toward that aim.

Note that additional great vintage titles & special items are still to be added here (plus worthy pages to migrate) from our olde site. Recent vital additions: the CaseQuarter catalog and a page featuring all books! on offer.

All of the Artists & AUM Fidelity thank you sincerely for your appreciation of self as a unique part of one profound whole, and for supporting work & wisdom that guides toward same. Fortitude in this fraught time will remain a must.

JAMES BRANDON LEWIS / Red Lily Quintet – Jesup Wagon : Shipping Now !

We are rather stoked to present this astonishing new work from the fertile creative mind of tenor saxophonist–composer James Brandon Lewis. On LP / CD / DL. CDs Shipping Now!

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WILLIAM PARKER 10-CD BOX SET : 2nd Edition Shipping Now !

Monumental compendium of all-new work created November 2018–February 2020 expressly for this Box Set. 1st Edition Sold Out. Strictly Ltd. 2nd Edition Shipping Now!

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UNIVERSAL TONALITY: The Life and Music of William Parker BOOK

The first book-length biography of William Parker, published by Duke University Press in February. Essential reading for all who are interested in the work of William Parker. In that respect, essential reading for all who are moved by music, period.

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