May Light & Love Be Strong This Season, and all seasons to come.

The vast majority of works from AUM Fidelity, Centering Music & TAO Forms were created toward that aim.

Note that additional great vintage titles & special items are still to be added here (plus worthy pages to migrate) from our olde site. Recent vital additions: the CaseQuarter catalog and a page featuring all books! on offer.

All of the Artists & AUM Fidelity thank you sincerely for your appreciation of self as a unique part of one profound whole, and for supporting work & wisdom that guides toward same. Fortitude in this fraught time will remain a must.

WILLIAM PARKER – Mayan Space Station

Astonishing electric guitar trio album with Ava Mendoza on six-string illumination & Gerald Cleaver on drum groove poetry. Cosmic multi-hued blues, perfect for space and time travel. LP & CD are both shipping now!

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WILLIAM PARKER – Painters Winter

Gorgeous new trio communion with Daniel Carter & Hamid Drake. Laced with the joy and the bounce, the dance and the heartbeat.
LP & CD are both shipping now!

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JAMES BRANDON LEWIS / Red Lily Quintet – Jesup Wagon

The astonishing new work from the
fertile creative mind of tenor saxophonist–composer James Brandon Lewis. On CD / DL. LP repress is in motion!

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