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Latest releases & welcome news:

William Parker Organ Quartet – Uncle Joe's Spirit House – Ltd. LP

Strictly ltd. first-time/one-time-only LP pressing of this singular album in Parker's oeuvre. Gorgeous soul-jazz, vintage 2010. Hearkens to early 60s sessions of similar form; fully revitalized by Parker's indelible compositions & exceptional band: Cooper-Moore (organ), Darryl Foster (tenor), Gerald Cleaver (drums).
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William Parker – Lifetime Achievement Celebration at Vision 2024

William Parker will be the Lifetime of Achievement honoree at the 2024 Vision Festival, which is happening June 18-23 at Roulette, Brooklyn. This celebration takes place on opening night.

Absolutely 100% See/feel you there.

The full Vision 2024 lineup & advance tickets via link below.

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Fay Victor / Herbie Nichols SUNG – Life is Funny That Way

TAO Forms is very proud to present this major new work from singular singer-lyricist-bandleader Fay Victor. A loving celebration & deeply felt reconsideration of the great jazz composer Herbie Nichols, created by a long-devoted and throughly empathic quintet of veteran jazz performers.

Deluxe 2LP & 2CD

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William Parker / Cooper-Moore / Hamid Drake – Heart Music

Heart Trio features three lifelong-devoted fellow travelers on the path of healing through sound. Each of them are long-time master musicians and non-stop practitioners of creative music. Heart Trio is, remarkably, their debut as a trio on record. This is music for sunrise and sunset. Daily music. Healing, centering, mantra, heart music.

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William Parker & Ellen Christi – Cereal Music

William Parker’s first album of spoken word – poetry and observations from a profound life devoted to the path of finding truth in beauty and speaking truth to power. His words are further illuminated by deeply sensitive sound design created by an equally long-time compatriot on the same path, producer and singer Ellen Christi. Distinctly beautiful & moving.

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Mendoza Hoff Revels – Echolocation

The astonishing debut album from Mendoza Hoff Revels, an electric & formidable new unit led by Ava Mendoza (electric guitar, compositions) & Devin Hoff (electric bass, compositions); feat. James Brandon Lewis (tenor sax) & Ches Smith (drums).

100% dopamine activation on every spin. + 2023 "Best Albums of the Year" –The Wire, The New York Times & NPR.


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