William Parker / Raining On The Moon – Corn Meal Dance

William Parker / Raining On The Moon – Corn Meal Dance

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[AUM043] - CD in classic jewelcase (clear tray) with 20-page full-color booklet

William Parker: bass, compositions
Leena Conquest: voice
Rob Brown: alto saxophone
Lewis Barnes: trumpet
Eri Yamamoto: piano
Hamid Drake: drums

Corn Meal Dance is an immaculate album work that we are deeply honored to present. Back in 2007, its creation & release is how AUM Fidelity celebrated our 10th Anniversary as a purveyor of regenerative sounds. Wisdom of an eternal nature is to be found here – and sung & danced along to – with love in your heart. 

“In suggesting an alternate past, where Nina Simone jammed with John Coltrane, Parker finds another future.” –The Sunday Times (London)

“These pieces pursue an elemental purity through mystical language and metaphor. What marks this as unique in Parker's long list of recordings is its primary accessibility. And if that serves the purpose of introducing his vision to new ears, it has more than done its job. When jazz historians look back on music at the turn of this century, William Parker will stand as a giant among men.” –All About Jazz

In our humble opinion, this is one of the most beautiful, potent, luminous, and =true= albums of all-original song ever made. The indelible melodies and rhythms; the words, unyielding and uplifting in equal measure; the performances by all six musicians; the recording thereof. The mix, the sequencing, all of it. Yes, even the false start on 'Doctor Yesterday', left in as evidence that the whole of the album was recorded live, each track in one take. No post-recording slice and dice. No second takes necessary.

“These are great jazz art songs that emerge from an African-American vernacular. They’re meant to speak on behalf of the defeated and the downtrodden, to offer hope, dignity, and compassion. No one else in jazz is combining the personal and the universal with the same power or persuasiveness.” –Boston Phoenix

This album makes abundantly clear, at once, William Parker's multifarious talents as a bassist, composer, bandleader and songwriter. Raining On The Moon is the extraordinary group which seamlessly fuses all of these prodigious gifts. In addition to the full-group work here are a pair of supremely tender duets by Leena & Eri on 'Prayer' and 'Poem For June Jordan'.

[ And noting that the balance of material recorded/mixed/mastered from this session was released in 2015 as Great Spirit ]

1. Doctor Yesterday - 08:45
2. Tutsi Orphans - 07:17
3. Poem For June Jordan - 03:04
4. Soledad - 09:57
5. Corn Meal Dance - 09:02
6. Land Song - 11:40
7. Prayer - 03:58
8. Old Tears (Fall Down) - 08:41
9. Gilmore's Hat (for John Gilmore) - 07:16

All compositions [words & music] by William Parker, © Centering Music (BMI) except "Old Tears (Fall Down)" words by Leena Conquest, © Cat's Bag (ASCAP) / music by William Parker

Produced by William Parker and Steven Joerg
Recorded by Joe Marciano at Systems Two Studio,
Brooklyn on January 3, 2007
Mixed with and mastered by Michael Marciano
at Systems Two in May 2007
Trencadis Photos by Tara Key
Art direction by Steven Joerg
Liner notes by Greg Tate