Eri Yamamoto – Duologue

Eri Yamamoto – Duologue

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Eri Yamamoto: piano, composer
  in duo[logue] with
Daniel Carter: alto sax (2), tenor sax (5)
Hamid Drake: frame drum (4 & 6)
William Parker: bass (3 & 7)
Federico Ughi: drums (1 & 8)

Duologue was AUM Fidelity's first album with Eri Yamamoto, and her first as a leader outside the piano trio format. The concept, and some of the compositions, came to her in a dream. It was a wonderful dream. She composed each piece specifically with each duo partner in mind; each piece/recording thereof is illuminated-in-full by their respective wholly committed musical essences. Eri writes incredibly beautiful melodies. Contemplative, jubilant, mesmerizing. Her improvisations within them, guided by the rhythm as much as the melody, are invitingly exploratory. Great work from a gifted creative entity, in communion with established masters of the form of music which brings forth beauty through sound.

“A richly melodic and rhythmically delightful set. The bottom line is that it works beautifully.” + “Duologue is characterized by lovely song-craft and guileless performances; it is a perfect showcase for Yamamoto's impressionistic cascades and dazzling romantic swoon.” + “It's clear from note one here that Eri Yamamoto is staking out her own pianistic territory and it's a privilege to be able to monitor the progress on her artistic journey.” –from 3 different 5-Star reviews on All About Jazz

“Great new jazz record alert! It feels wide and expansive, calming and tranquil. A wonderful listen from start to finish.” –Other Music

4 Stars: "Her ultra-melodic style is well executed and realized on a program that has universal appeal, crossing contemporary, progressive, and modern creative genres. There's simplicity and light emphasized, but depth and substance are never far behind in the intelligent constructs of Yamamoto's playing. An often wondrous and tasteful offering that is easily recommended." –All Music

Of additional note: when William Parker decided to record his first album of compositions for piano trio [Luc's Lantern, 2005], he chose Eri Yamamoto. Parker then brought her into his Raining On The Moon ensemble, and the wisdom of that decision is in full evidence on the album, Corn Meal Dance, among others which followed.

1. Thank You - 08:29
2. Conversation - 06:31
3. Subway Song - 05:00
4. Circular Movement - 07:12
5. Violet Sky - 08:15
6. Midtown Blues - 04:27
7. Muse - 05:51
8. You Are Welcome - 04:25

All compositions by Eri Yamamoto, © Jane Street Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Steven Joerg and Eri Yamamoto
Recorded by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio
Brooklyn, NY on January 10, 2008
Artwork and design by Ming@409
Liner notes/song annotation by Eri Yamamoto