Reverend Charlie Jackson – God's Got It: The Legendary Booker and Jackson Singles

Reverend Charlie Jackson – God's Got It: The Legendary Booker and Jackson Singles

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>> God's Got It is the Essential Collection of Reverend Charlie Jackson's powerful work on record (all of his vital 1970s 7" Booker label and private press singles). And oh yes there is more >>/>> To Celebrate/Commemorate the 90th Anniversary of Reverend Charlie Jackson's birth (July 11, 1932), our good brother Adam Lore [50 Miles of Elbow Room] lovingly curated / created the most extensive documentation ever published on the life and music of Rev. Jackson. Collecting years of his own research, rare photos, artifacts, interviews, music, archival videos, more. A deep dive and wonderfully revealing for folks who are already fans & newcomers to the work of this singular artist. Go here for that treasure trove, for real:


[CASE101] - CD in classic jewelcase with 16-pg booklet featuring rare photos, complete discography, extensive liner notes covering Rev. Jackson's life and career.

Reverend Charlie Jackson: vocals and electric guitar
Brother Ike Gordon, Laura Davis, Caravan No.2 of Zachary: vocals
Mary Bennett, Ike Gordon, Frances Jackson,
Johnny Jackson: chorus vocals, clapping

“Like a sanctified version of John Lee Hooker, Reverend Charlie Jackson plays raw, slashing electric guitar and erupts in urgent hallelujahs as occasional backup singers inject call-and-response fervor. Jackson’s gruff, exuberant vocals celebrate salvation, but he doesn’t portray it as a painless process: ‘Wrapped Up Tangled Up in Jesus’ depicts a soul in turmoil. These aren’t polished recordings; befitting their origins in tiny Louisiana studios, the songs boast crackling, distorted sound and are all the more effective for it. The rowdiest rock and roll has nothing on Reverend Jackson.”
–Jon Young, Mother Jones

The CaseQuarter label launched with this astonishing collection of 70s vintage gospel singles in 2003. Widely acclaimed, the original press CD sold out within a few years of release. For its repressing/reprint, it was re-mastered via (even more exceptionally) high fidelity transfers from original vinyl & re-sequenced to include an additional since-discovered Booker single (both dynamite sides)!

"In the 1970s, this Mississippi-born man of God made a series of holy-blues singles for the tiny Booker and Jackson labels. This set has 'em all: heated sermons of need, devotion and joy, blessed by Jackson's thunder-and-Lightnin' Hopkins voice and crusty-tremelo, railroad-boogie riffing." –David Fricke, Rolling Stone

Ever since Reverend Charlie Jackson’s Booker singles were discovered by gospel collectors in the early 1970s and began to trickle out to a wider audience, Charlie Jackson’s primal, funky guitar riffs have astounded listeners. Raw and unadorned and at other times spare and lyrical, his Booker and Jackson label recordings are infused with sanctified energy and singing. Further to his own singles here are records by Brother Ike Gordon, Caravan No. 2 of Zachary, and Laura Davis, which feature Reverend Jackson as accompanist. Until this album’s initial 2003 release, these records had never been collected together and had never been issued on CD.

This updated 20-song set also includes a 16-page booklet with rare photos, complete discography, and extensive liner notes covering Reverend Jackson’s life and career by producer Kevin Nutt.

“Total world-class, hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-yer-neck, jaw-droppingly righteous, beyond-category music of the highest order.”
–Rob Cambre, Where Y’at, New Orleans

1. Morning Train - 02:39
2. Wrapped Up Tangled Up In Jesus - 03:27
3. I Shall Not Be Moved - 02:38
4. Trouble in My Way - 03:10
5. God's Got It - 02:44
6. Fix It Jesus - 03:31
7. I Gave Up All I Had - 02:11
8. What A Time - 03:06
9. Testimony Of Rev. Charlie Jackson - 04:22
10. Something To Think About - 03:14
11. My Eternal Home - 3:08
12. The Goodness Of God Part 1 - 02:41
13. The Goodness Of God Part 2 - 02:32
14. Don't Let the Devil Ride - 03:01
15. This Old Building - 04:25
16. Lord You're So Good - 04:14
17. By the Grace of the Lord - 03:21
18. I Gave Up All I Had To Serve The Lord - 02:38
19. All Aboard - 04:41
20. I’m Thinking Of A Friend - 02:57

Original recordings produced by Reverend Robert Booker
and Reverend Charlie Jackson

Tracks 1–11, 13, 20 : original singles transferred and mastered
by Rick Rosen at the Swank Mobile Studio
Additional mastering on these tracks by Tim Warren in 2018

Tracks 12, 14–19 : original singles transferred by Steve Grauberger
at the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture

Cover Photo/s by Lynn Abbott
Reverend Charlie Jackson and parishioners, May 12, 1985,
Second House of Prayer Baptist Church, Shrewsbury, Louisiana

Inside Booklet Photos by Clare O’Dea.
Reverend Charlie Jackson, June 23, 2001,
at his home in Baker, Louisiana

Produced by Kevin Nutt for CaseQuarter