William Parker Quartet – O'Neal's Porch

William Parker Quartet – O'Neal's Porch

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[AUM022] - CD in 4-panel digipak, which in this 3rd edition pressing achieved a perfection to match the music

William Parker: bass, compositions
Hamid Drake: drums
Rob Brown: alto sax
Lewis Barnes: trumpet

In January 2001, William Parker unveiled his phenomenal new Quartet with this album. O'Neal's Porch went on to be chosen among the Best Jazz Albums of the Year by The New York Times, JazzTimes, Downbeat, and All About Jazz.

"For its historical breadth, spiritual depth, and sheer exhilaration,
this is the jazz album of the year." –Jazziz

From the liner notes by David Budbill, which accompanied original release edition:
"William Parker is not only one of the world's most accomplished and creative bass players, he is one of the great melody makers, song-writers, of our time. In song after song on this CD, through the sheer beauty of his sweet melodies, his bubbling, effusive, good humor and the energizing, life-affirming, great joy that infuses everything here, William gives us the gift of his love for us and for the world. As pianist and composer Cooper-Moore says, "William is like Duke Ellington to us; he's like Mingus, even beyond that because neither Mingus nor Duke had the compassion William has." And it is compassion and love that drives this album forward – that and the killer rhythm section!

1. Purple - 09:56
2. Sun - 13:55
3. O'Neal's Porch - 13:42
4. Rise - 09:39
5. Song For Jesus - 09:00
6. Leaf - 04:50
7. Song For Jesus 3/4 - 06:17
8. Moon - 05:11

All compositions by William Parker, © Centering Music (BMI)

Produced by William Parker
Recorded by Carl Seltzer on May 26, 2000
at Seltzer Sound, NYC
Mastered by Sascha von Oertzen
Design by Ming@409

Pictured in the vintage Parker family cover photo, from left to right:
Aunt Bessie holding cousin Pamela, brother Thomas, and William.