William Parker & Hamid Drake – Summer Snow

William Parker & Hamid Drake – Summer Snow

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Hamid Drake: tabla, frame drum, gongs, drums
William Parker: doson'ngoni, shakuhachi,
dumbek, talking drum, water bowls, bass

The second in-studio duo session from two of the deepest musical / human beings AUM is blessed to work with. Following on from Piercing The Veil, this continues their masterful incorporation of sound traditions that span the globe, and reveals Parker and Drake in a beautifully meditative & equally mesmerizing state of creation.

[ Also of note: the session for these recordings took place two days prior to the session that would yield the Kidd Jordan-Drake-Parker album, Palm of Soul. All set-ups were left in place in the interim. What a week that was! ]

"Although both Parker and Drake are supremely gifted virtuosi, capable of expressing themselves as expansively as possible, they are also skilled in the art of restraint, measure, balance. In fact at several junctures in this session, the music really comes to life precisely because it breathes rather than stifles under a barrage of notes, as might be the case were two less experienced and less emotionally intelligent players in the frame. The grand achievement of Parker and Drake is that they combine the breadth of sounds of a large group with the chemistry and conversational intimacy of a small group, leveling the playing field between two distinct strands of jazz band history." –Kevin Le Gendre, Jazzwise

"This sequel finds the telepathic pair delving even deeper into indigenous cultural traditions for inspiration, incorporating jazz improvisation in a satisfyingly organic way. Blending cultures and aesthetics, this is global music in the truest sense, equal parts uncharted future and primordial past."
–Troy Collins, All About Jazz

1. Awake, Arise - 00:23
2. Sky - 07:30
3. Earth - 03:03
4. Pahos - 09:22
5. Sifting The Dust - 03:49
6. Edge Of Everything - 03:31
7. Traces Of The Beloved - 01:38
8. Anaya Dancing - 03:53
9. Konte - 11:33
10. Faces - 07:18
11. Hadra - 00:43

All songs composed by William Parker & Hamid Drake;
© Centering Music (BMI) / Smiling Forehead Music (BMI)

Recorded by Michael Marciano on September 21, 2005
at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn
[shakuhachi overdubbed on track 3, 4]
Mixed by Steven Joerg & Michael Marciano at Systems Two
on June 20 & September 7, 2006
Final Mastering by Michael Marciano
Produced by Steven Joerg with William Parker & Hamid Drake
Light paintings & design by Ming@409