The Nommonsemble : Whit Dickey / Rob Brown / Mat Maneri / Matthew Shipp – Life Cycle

The Nommonsemble : Whit Dickey / Rob Brown / Mat Maneri / Matthew Shipp – Life Cycle

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[AUM020] - CD in 4-panel digipak
/// Last copies of original print (3 or fewer remain)

Whit Dickey: drums
Rob Brown: alto sax, flute
Mat Maneri: viola
Matthew Shipp: piano

Following Transonic, Whit Dickey's debut as a leader, he returned on AUM with yet another tremendous group and this exquisite sound-song cycle. His abiding interest in the ancient essence of life which breathes freely in wide-open spaces – uncluttered by static – is here reflected.

Life Cycle was the fruition of drummer Whit Dickey's then new deeply cohesive group concept, and it was/is something altogether new again. If you had been paying attention to what was happening in jazz & improvised music for the last half decade of the 20th century, you would have heard phenomenal music from all of these players. This album features the stunning talents of these long-time associates in this quartet configuration for the first –and to date– last time. Making great note though: Dickey, Maneri & Shipp reconvened in trio for the astonishing Vessel in Orbit album, released in 2017.

"This album is exhibit A in the case that New York free jazz is -not- mired in the '60s. These four musicians have developed a music that swings in a new way to its own set of rules." –Ed Hazell, Jazziz

"Ample opportunity for Whit Dickey to spin his musicians into an elastic, complexly-woven hymn to the rising chords of his imagination. If you'd like proof that freedom and coherence are not enemies but lovers, look no further." –Ben Watson, The Wire

"I've never heard an unconvincing performance by this drummer, but this record is brilliant even by his standards. It's like the clarified atmosphere after a rainstorm. Electric." –Hi-Fi News

1. Wonder - 05:32
2. War - 07:03
3. Games - 04:49
4. Love - 07:02
5. Acceptance - 07:55
6. Transformation - 09:20

All compositions by Whit Dickey, ©Nommo Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Whit Dickey
Recorded by Dave Kowalski on September 15, 2000
at Hillside Sound in Englewood, NJ
Mastered at Hillside by DK
Design by Ming@409