Mike Pride / From Bacteria To Boys – Betweenwhile

Mike Pride / From Bacteria To Boys – Betweenwhile

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[AUM065] - CD in deluxe 6-panel digipak

Mike Pride: drums, compositions
Darius Jones: alto saxophone
Alexis Marcelo: piano
Peter Bitenc: bass

Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys features four of the more startling and beautiful new voices in modern jazz. Together in this group they blend forward-looking groove-based jazz, chant works, modern R&B and 21st century classical music; with a singular intensity and center of focus. Betweenwhile is a bad-ass and bountifully unique album.
"[This] is the flagship document of what these four musicians, as led by drummer/composer Pride, have summoned and made animate in the world over a highly concentrated period of tireless live performance and group refinement. The group has performed their due diligence in understanding not only the rhythmic micro-realities of R&B, but its contentedly ecstatic spirit as well. It is a music indeed fully alive and committed to the continuance and elevation of love and happiness." –from the liner notes by Sam Mickens

“A successful balance of the tuneful and the abstract. This group pulls together the two extremes without sacrificing the crystalline character of either.” –Lyn Horton, JazzTimes

“Mike Pride, a drummer-composer who balances metal-derived aggression with quiet finesse, leads his From Bacteria to Boys band on Betweenwhile, a funky yet elegant new record and among the year’s standout jazz releases.” -&- "The whole album plays like a loving showcase for the talents of Pride's sidemen: the bite of altoist Darius Jones, the sumptuousness of pianist Alexis Marcelo, the patience of bassist Peter Bitenc. There's so much sublimated deep feeling in this record.." –Hank Shteamer, TimeOut New York -&- Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches

“Mr. Pride, an intense and searching drummer, brings the full measure of his concentration to this working band.” –Nate Chinen, The New York Times

"One has only to hear the pyrotechnics in the curiously-titled “Reese Witherspoon” and its blend of trance-like states, hip-hop, and spindly classicism to appreciate the cohesion and daring within this group." –Clifford Allen

"The exceptional drummer-leaders find a way to bolster the songs and the guys in front of him .. From the sizzling 2/4 ruckus of the title tune to the Bill Evans mood of "Kancamagus," there's something completely distinctive and sophisticated about each song." –Pico, Something Else!

1. Kancamagus I (piano trio) - 04:13    
2. Reese Witherspoon - 09:39
3. Rose - 02:00    
4. It Doesn't Stop - 07:07    
5. Emo Hope 06:18
6. Bole: the Mouth of What? - 08:59
7. Inbetweenwhile - 04:13    
8. Surcharge - 05:02    
9. 12 Lines for Build - 06:28    
10. Kancamagus II (sax trio) - 04:25

All compositions by Mike Pride, © Funhole Music (BMI)
except "Surcharge" by Uli Kempendorff (GEMA)

Produced by Mike Pride and Steven Joerg
Recorded by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio,
Brooklyn on April 25, 2010
Mixed by Jamie Saft in Potterville / Mastered by Michael Marciano
Photography by Peter Gannushkin
Liner notes by Sam Mickens