David S. Ware – Organica (solo saxophones, volume 2)
David S. Ware – Organica (solo saxophones, volume 2)
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David S. Ware – Organica (solo saxophones, volume 2)

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[AUM070] - CD in paper sleeve w/ flap & cello window (no digipak!). Recent re-discovery of extra CDs from original run of strictly ltd. edition digipaks (long time out of print). Buy and insert with one of your other DSW-AUM digipaks; you'll be glad you did. / Download at bandcamp includes PDF with great vintage photos.

David S. Ware: sopranino & tenor saxophones, compositions

"Mesmerizing .. not only has Ware not been weakened by his recent illness, he has reached new heights of invention." –DownBeat

"[In the last two years] David S. Ware has made some of the most extraordinary music of his career. He has employed differing instrumental configurations, bringing musicians from his past into new aggregates and exploring fresh sound worlds. Despite a steady stream of releases, there is nothing repetitive about his recent music, and this second volume of solo saxophone performances presents yet another evolution of Ware’s art. .. A dip into gut-bucket blues or ghostly sentimentality is just as soon erased from memory by a long-held note, redolent of jasmine, or a quick trip to the East and back. He knows history and transcultural import, brings his knowledge to bear, then moves along." –Dusted

"It is as if he has been unshackled from the Earth’s gravitational field, and his music is free to travel like a light beam across the Universe. .. David S. Ware remains one of jazz’s most ardent musical explorers .. his creativity knows no bounds." –Music and More

Each David S. Ware solo concert performance is a rare and magisterial happening. There were two such events in 2010, and both concerts are presented here in their entirety. The first took place in March at an intimate, invite-only event in Brooklyn; the second at the Umbrella Music Festival in Chicago in early November. In 2009, Ware had added a sopranino (pitched one full octave above the alto) to his collection, and these concerts were his public debut on the new horn. This was the 2nd volume in a planned series of DSW solo recordings. It was originally published in a CD digipak edition of 1000.

“Saxophonist David S. Ware’s unaccompanied performance at Elastic on November 5th left the deepest emotional impression [of the Festival],” wrote DownBeat’s Aaron Cohen in his live review of the Chicago set. “His authoritative delivery of bold, stark melodies was reassuringly familiar,” added Signal To Noise’s Bill Meyer in his own review of Ware’s Umbrella Music Festival set, “but the tonality had an exotic Eastern quality. His music was absolutely complete, both at the level of needing no accompaniment but also in the totality of its emotional, spiritual and physical impact.”

1. Minus Gravity 1 (sopranino) 16:20
2. Organica 1 (tenor) 24:31
3. Minus Gravity 2 (sopranino) 22:27
4. Organica 2 (tenor) 14:12

All compositions by David S. Ware;
published by Gandharvasphere/Daswa (ASCAP)

Tracks 1 & 2 = the entire concert performance of March 13, 2010
at original AUM HQ, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Tracks 3 & 4 = the entire concert performance of November 5, 2010
Umbrella Music Festival, Chicago
Produced by Steven Joerg
Mixed & Mastered by Petr Cancura