David S. Ware New Quartet – Shakti

David S. Ware New Quartet – Shakti

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[AUM052] - CD in 4-panel digipak

David S. Ware: tenor sax, kalimba (4), compositions
Joe Morris: guitar, percussion (4)
William Parker: bass
Warren Smith: drums, percussion (4)

This tremendously beautiful album was Ware's first new studio recording in almost 6 years and, crucially, his first with a new group since the highly esteemed classic Quartet was disbanded.

The classic DSW Quartet's final U.S. performance (June 2006) was documented on Renunciation. Immediately following that concert, Ware began developing a new group concept, and to compose for same. In July 2007 his new quartet –featuring guitarist Joe Morris– made its live debut at the Iridium in NYC. The group was ultimately solidified with the addition of long-time compatriot William Parker on bass and fellow master musician Warren Smith on drums. A European tour followed, and a studio session was booked for their return, resulting in the luminously nuanced Shakti.
Working with musicians who fully understood the profound ebb and flow of his music, and who can trace the tendrils thereof as close as fingers allow, Ware presented five brand new compositions and a re-interpolation of "Antidromic" which first appeared on the album, Wisdom of Uncertainty, by his classic Quartet.
Each group member contributes exquisitely. Joe Morris long ago developed his own utterly singular school of jazz guitar and more. His coloration and elucidation of David's music comes from a deep appreciation thereof. William Parker's bass voice has been an integral aspect of David's work since 1988 and is heard here in its highest form in both pizzicato and arco modes. Drummer/percussionist Warren Smith is a blessing pure and true; over the previous half century his work has graced recordings by Van Morrison, Gil Evans, Charles Mingus, Max Roach, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Quincy Jones, Sam Rivers, Julius Hemphill, and many more. This was the first time he appeared on record with David S. Ware.

"Favorite Jazz Albums of 2009" –All Music
"Fave Jazz Jamz of 2009" –Destination:Out
"Best Jazz Albums of 2009" –All About Jazz–New York

“With a mixture of sublime restraint and impassioned yearning, Ware channels his renowned volcanic intensity, concentrating his ecstatic detours and pyrotechnics into a more nuanced approach. A refreshingly lyrical and emotionally committed performance by masterful improvisers, Shakti ebbs with soulful intensity and inspired interplay, making this one of the most compelling, yet accessible, recordings of Ware's career.” –Troy Collins, All About Jazz

“Ware projects total conviction, his improvisations towering and incandescent.” –Andy Hamilton, The Wire

"Unquestionably one of the most forceful and original voices in contemporary saxophone. His first studio album in half a decade and a fabulous, welcome return." –Jez Nelson, BBC/Jazz on 3

“Ware’s inventiveness burns as brightly as ever, his playing encompassing every dynamic and expressive shade. He has transcended influence, each gesture a transformation of the last, and a departure for the next. His group always keeps up with him, staying abreast of every new idea as it unfolds. Shakti is a bold new statement from a true innovator.” –Marc Medwin, Dusted

1. Crossing Samsara - 09:43
2. Nataraj - 18:14
3. Reflection - 12:43
4. Namah - 08:31
5. Antidromic - 09:30
6. Shakti - 09:33

All compositions by David S. Ware,
© Gandharvasphere/Daswa (ASCAP)

Produced by Steven Joerg and David S. Ware
Recorded by Michael Marciano on May 9, 2008
at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed & mastered with Michael Marciano
at Systems Two in May 2008
Notes by DSW