David Budbill & William Parker – Zen Mountains Zen Streets

David Budbill & William Parker – Zen Mountains Zen Streets

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[BX001/002] - 2CD in slimline brilliant box w/ 6-panel insert

David Budbill: poetry, recitation, whistle, bells, gong
William Parker: bass, pocket trumpet, valve trombone, gralla, shakuhachi, slit drum

// Original press/print Boxholder Records label edition 2CD in slimline jewelcase brilliant box, with 6-panel folder insert featuring full credits, liner notes & select poems by David Budbill.
// The Boxholder label now long defunct & this set long time unavailable.
// 100 crisp clean shrink-wrapped copies found in a recent Bronx, NY storage space sweep.

David Budbill spent the last 50 years of his life in a remote northern Vermont village, partaking of that life in relative stillness, chopping wood for the fireplace in cold winters, and raising his daughter Nadine together with his wife, painter Lois Eby. In all of that time, devoted to writing poetry borne of the life he chose.

William Parker has spent the last 50+ years on the path of creating music whose purpose is to heal, and also raising a family, his daughter Miriam and son Isaiah together with his wife & creative partner, dancer Patricia Nicholson. All of that time with home base being the Lower East Side of NYC.

Although they came from wholly disparate backgrounds, they had a strong artistic relationship and a mutually deep respect for one another's work. As Budbill wrote in the liner notes to this work, "Although we speak from vastly different places and through different instruments, our methods are the same. We both listen to an inner voice and then try to articulate what we hear coming to us from the other side."

This was their first of three works on record together.
Their final work together was What I Saw This Morning.
They also created, with painter Lois Eby, the DVD project On Being Native. The final copies of that special short-run private press edition are also now available again. 

1. Part I - Like the Clouds - 15:24
2. Part II - Only the Brightness Itself - 19:39
3. Part III - All of Us, So Briefly Here - 10:20
4. Part IV - In Concert Together Making This Song - 35:47
5. Part V - What Brings You the Most Joy? - 08:21
6. Shakuhachi Flute & Pocket Trumpet section - 06:50
7. Slit Drum section - 04:08
8. After Reading Ou Yan Hsiu with Bass Solo - 06:54
9. After Reading Ou Yan Hsiu with Valve Trombone Solo - 05:49
10. Bugs in a Bowl and Out - 04:21

This album features the entire live performance of October 16, 1998 which took place at The Little Theatre, Woodstock, VT.
Disc 2 also features excerpts from performances that took place in Burlington & Montpelier, VT on that same October tour.