Daughter – Skin

Daughter – Skin

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[AUM026] - CD in classic jewelcase (white tray) with fold-out mini-poster
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M.L. Platt: vocals
Nicole Lombardi: bass, vocals
Cezhan Ambrose: guitar, bass, + cello on Packin'
Joe Fiorentino: guitar
Mike Linn: drums
+ Orlantha Ambrose: violin on Packin'

Daughter (née Spalding Rockwell) was a great band, and they made this one great album.

Liquid precision punk rock. Songs as armor/armament for this time, in which the shredding of the space-time continuum for humans continues to rapidly advance toward full broke point. True, it feels that way more now, 16 years on from its original release date when that line first written.

Further to the seven punk rock songs are these additional heights: Blunt – a dub excursion ode to the medicinal ; Packin' – a symphonic paean to holding the same ; the M.L. & Nicole mic skills showcase of Hands In The Pants, the psych acoustic Lonely Gauge, and finally, the noise experiment that closes the album shut.

This is the one true aberration among AUM Fidelity releases, in that jazz did not play any recognizable role in its creation. Weed did play a role in its creation. And anger. Yes, there was weed, confusion, anger, joy, and focus. Harmonically, this album is full-on bad-ass. Dig.

1. Erased - 02:36
2. Misbehaving - 02:46
3. Hit Me - 01:56
4. Suicide Note - 02:32
5. Blunt - 03:59
6. Packin' - 04:11
7. Hands In The Pants - 02:57
8. Love Song - 01:59
9. Sweet Appraisal - 02:03
10. Lonely Gauge - 03:11
11. Do I Dare - 02:15
12. An Explication - 04:17

All songs written by Daughter (née Spalding Rockwell)
All words by M.L. Platt, except 5 & 7 by M.L. & Nicole Lombardi

Recorded by Mark Ospovat at Emandee Studio
Mixed by J.Z. Barrell and DoS, except
5 / 6 / 10 mixed by Mark Ospovat & Daughter
Mastered by Chris Flam at Mindswerve Studio
Produced by DoS: Arthur Owens & Steven Joerg

Entirely Made In NYC