Other Dimensions In Music w/ Matthew Shipp – Time Is Of The Essence Is Beyond Time

Other Dimensions In Music w/ Matthew Shipp – Time Is Of The Essence Is Beyond Time

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[AUM013] - CD in classic jewelcase (clear tray) with 4-panel insert
/// Last original press copies / not to made available again in this form.

Roy Campbell Jr: trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet
Daniel Carter: alto & tenor sax, flute, trumpet
William Parker: bass
Rashid Bakr: drums
Matthew Shipp: piano

Other Dimensions In Music was a collective creative improvisation unit featuring 4 of the most accomplished and profoundly gifted players of their respective instruments. Period. As practitioners of the fine art of lucid improvisation, their work continues to reside at the highest level.

In 1997 this long-standing quartet decided to occasionally expand their sonic template by incorporating a pianist. Mutual respect and admiration led to a series of breathtaking East Coast performances as a special quintet with Matthew Shipp. The sheer thrills and emotional impact of their voluminous instant music flow were not lost on any of the audiences. In the end, it was their third such communion in its entirety that became this CD. From the first gestures (jumping in as if they had been playing together all afternoon) to the last, this is a truly divine performance. There are many journeys taken, many songs within these 66+ minutes. An epic synaptic-cinema experience: 5 projectors in synchro, all lenses sparkling and in focus.

"A generation's masters at the very height of their powers."
–Tad Hendrickson, CMJ New Music Report

"Rated 5 out of 5. Brilliant all-out improvisation from five masters. A truly oceanic sound, swirling and mixing almost too fast to focus on individual elements. The listener is left with a feeling of being almost over-full of joy, of energy, of life. This music charges the heart and soul." –Phil Freeman, Alternative Press

“Constantly underlying the music is a sense of humility and searching. Master improvisors, each with the accumulated grasp of decades of jazz history, who constantly interconnect, wrapping musical tentacles around each other, playing as one.” –Nils Jacobson, All About Jazz

“A stunning release that captures the intuitive interaction and beauty of magnificent improvisers.” –Signal To Noise

1. 1 > - 09:27
2. 2 > - 04:25
3. 3 > - 07:29
4. 4 > - 03:43
5. 5 > - 05:19
6. 6 > - 23:32
7. 7 > - 13:33

All compositions by Other Dimensions In Music & Matthew Shipp
© Centering Music (BMI) / Camroy Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Steven Joerg with Roy Campbell & Matthew Shipp
Recorded by Alen Hadzi Stefanov on December 2, 1997
at the Knitting Factory, NYC
Mixed by Alen Hadzi Stefanov
Mastered by Chris Flam at Mindswerve, NYC
Cover photo & design by Ming@409
Liner notes by Steven Joerg