Organic Grooves / William Parker & Hamid Drake – Black Cherry (Piercing The Veil in Dub)

Organic Grooves / William Parker & Hamid Drake – Black Cherry (Piercing The Veil in Dub)

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[AUM021] - CD & 2-LP editions are both long out of print, BUT..
/// Rec'd last known shrink-wrapped/like-new copies of the gorgeous 2-LP in time for site launch – now fully out of print.

William Parker: bass, balafon, shakuhachi, bombard
Hamid Drake: drums, tablas, frame drum
plus, from Organic Grooves crew >
Zeb: guitar (1); synth & stuff (4)
Gregory: melodica (3, 5)
Takuya: keyboard (1); trumpet (8)

In a fine, fine time of synergistic confluence, AUM Fidelity meshed with Organic Grooves and this mesmerizing beauty was the result.

A dub-wise/dancehall-bound radical remix album of some of the holy sounds/songs and infinite grooves on Piercing The Veil by master musicians William Parker & Hamid Drake was intended from the beginning. We were just waiting for a sign as to who would be right & ready for the task. The question was answered in the summertime. At a tremendous outdoor event by the name of Firescape, held at the Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn, Organic Grooves provided the soundtrack. The mind-altering/body-moving music they were concocting had a very positive effect. A copy of Piercing The Veil with the note "REMIX?" inside was discreetly placed near the decks, and three days later, Organic Grooves' Sasha Crnobrnja ('sir-no-burn-jah') gave a call..

"It gets deep, translating Parker-Drake's collage of African, Middle-Eastern, Indonesian, and American trance-swing into modern digi-loop traditions." –Village Voice

"Outstanding fusion. Highly recommended." –KUSF

"Intoxicating Afro-cosmic house music" –Baltimore City Paper

"Grade 9/10. Dub-beat impressionism; quite addictive." –Alternative Press

"From the opening bars of track one it's a masterwork. Shamanic music for the future?! Truly innovative and still somehow primal." –Tunes (UK)

"Succulent. An experience that is without comparison" –Jazzreview

"A mesmerizing marriage of the organic and the electronic." –Boston Globe

"Excellent." –Magnet

1. Gold Weave (Loom Song) - 06:22
2. All Be(tween) (Heavenly Walk) - 05:32
3. ...Will Be Unbroken (Bodies Die/Spirits Live) - 06:04
4. Satta Pox (Japeru) - 05:41
5. Chronos Splinter (Chuang Tzu's Dream) - 07:46
6. Light Within Light (Nur al Anwar) - 05:22
7. Tundra Roll (Piercing The Veil) - 06:59
8. Know Now Go (Black Cherry) - 04:32
All compositions by Organic Grooves,
William Parker & Hamid Drake; © AUM Fidelity

Produced by Sasha Crnobrnja
from the multi-track recordings of Piercing The Veil
Additional production & programming on tracks 4, 6, 7 by Zeb
Concept, titles, sequence & design by Ming Tubby