Other Dimensions In Music : Roy Campbell / Daniel Carter / William Parker / Rashid Bakr – Now!

Other Dimensions In Music : Roy Campbell / Daniel Carter / William Parker / Rashid Bakr – Now!

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Roy Campbell: trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet
Daniel Carter: alto sax, tenor sax, flute, trumpet
William Parker: bass
Rashid Bakr: drums

Other Dimensions In Music was a collective creative improvising quartet of epic proportions. Although they performed regularly in New York City during the 80s and 90s (and into the 21st), Now! was only their second album in their (then) 15 years of being. They were a key group in AUM Fidelity's young mind-eye to work with when it was decided the label =would be=.

ODIM were/are one of our favorite bands of all time. Sonics of deep compassion & over-standing; pulse and lyricism & buoyant uplift defined their modus operandi. Honestly, no other fully improvising band at the time could touch them for spontaneous song creation and evolution into the next brand new one. Not until Farmers By Nature came to be in the next decade that is, but that's another story..

"Far more than just 'energy music' as some critics have dismissed the avant garde, ODIM is onto a group dynamic that is thoughtful, full of nuance and passion, sometimes provocative, sometimes poignant, but never predictable." –Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

"The key is that no matter how spontaneous the music, the foursome sounds complementary and in control at all times, shaping the sounds with continuous, thoughtful modulations of dynamics, color, and intensity. Music that whispers and roars." –Art Lange, Pulse

Jazziz Top 10 Critics Picks of 1998

Jazziz Reader's Poll Top 'Avant' Album of the Year 1998

#1 CMJ Jazz Charts

"A tensile, vigorous, stunningly intuitive world of sound, recasting ideas and instincts first made prominent in the Sixties with an often electrifying immediacy that is wholly of the moment. The genius of this ensemble is how it embraces the open forms and fluid dynamics advanced by those [earlier] avant gardists while imbuing the music with what James Brown would call soul power." –Steve Dollar, Playboy

"The music they play is bathed in a seraphic light. Indeed, supernatural things do happen. These one-of-a-kind events become as much a vehicle for the listener's transformation as for the musician's unfettered self-expression." –Pete Gershon, The Valley Advocate

"Cosmic tones for 21st century mental healing that demand to be experienced." –Scott Hreha, Soundboard / Signal To Noise

Too long out of print on CD, we are very stoked to have this recording available again in its full resolution glory via download at bandcamp.

1. For The Glass Tear / After Evening's Orange - 33:02
2. Tears For The Boy Wonder (for Wynton Marsalis) - 05:25
3. Blue Expanded - 12:18
4. Whispers & Cries Of Change - 06:09
5. Dawn - 08:26
6. Steve's Festive Visions Revisited - 08:20

All compositions by Other Dimensions in Music,
© Centering Music (BMI) / Camroy Music (ASCAP)

Produced by Steven Joerg and ODIM
Recorded & mixed live by Jim Anderson on March 19, 1997
at Sound On Sound Studio, NYC
Mastered by Alan Tucker at Foothill Digital, NYC
Artwork by Marilyn Sontag
Liner notes by K. Leander Williams