Various Artists – Vision One: Vision Festival 1997 Compiled

Various Artists – Vision One: Vision Festival 1997 Compiled

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[AUM007/8] - 2-CD set in slimline brilliant box with 6-panel insert

= All net proceeds from sales of this compilation go directly to Arts For Art, the vital multi-disciplinary artist-run presenting organization who produce the annual Vision Festival (25 years strong in 2020!), and a whole lot more throughout the year here in NYC. Compassion, community & creativity at its core and ever to the fore =


= All recordings are exclusive to this compilation, and are from the 2nd Annual Vision Festival, which took place at the Orensanz Art Center, L.E.S., May 28–June 1, 1997 =

/// The Vision Festival presents art on the terms that uphold and expand the concepts of each musician, dancer, painter, and poet – those who have died and laid down the tracks and those who are still creating. A masterpiece is an ongoing project that lasts a lifetime. Art must be presented, it must be seen and heard. It is for the enrichment of all those who attend and those who do not. It is about lights shining and not being buried. It is ultimately about the greatest art, that is, living. ///

"This compilation of live tracks from 1997's Vision Festival is more than just the documentation of a particular event. The Festival, which brought together the core of the AUM Fidelity label's roster (David S. Ware, William Parker, Other Dimensions in Music, Matthew Shipp) with the likes of John Zorn, Thurston Moore, Butch Morris and many others, was more than a series of concerts. Forgive the soapbox stance but it's an indication that improvisation, as inherited from the free jazz pioneers of the late fifties and early sixties, is now the source of a vital community of artists that are, against huge odds and commercial apathy, forging a coalition that is cutting across lines. Those lines can be seen as musical, generational, geographical, economic, and even racial but the important thing is that this thing is happening.

"All of which wouldn't mean much if this double CD set didn't deliver some primo listening, which it does in volume. The performances here shift from the cascading scree and dizzying drumming of Rashied Ali's Prima Material to the remarkable inner workings of William Parker and The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra to Mark Dresser's remarkably subtle bass solo on "Bosnia." There's a real gem to be found in Thurston Moore/Lawrence Cook/Jon Voigt trio's "Fuzz Against Junk," which features beautifully subtle guitar-bass interplay that builds off the best traditions of the rock power trio and moves into transparent waters. Most importantly, Vision Volume One fulfills the prime directive of any compilation; it entices you to check out the recordings of the artists represented." –Bruce Adams, Your Flesh

1. Trio Hurricane - Hurricane - 06:34
2. Mark Dresser Quartet - Bosnia - 07:35
3. John Zorn & Susie Ibarra - Untitled - 05:12
4. William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra - Hoang (excerpt) - 13:49
5. Thurston Moore / Lawrence Cook / Jon Voigt - Fuzz Against Junk - 07:54
6. Rob Brown & Matthew Shipp - Vision Statement 2 - 09:29
7. David S. Ware Quartet - Lockup '97 - 08:27
8. Borah Bergman / Denis Charles / Roy Campbell - We Remember You - 07:28
9. Cooper-Moore Quartet - Coleus In Bloom / Paradox - 13:18
10. Patricia Nicholson Ensemble - Song - 02:47
11. Rashied Ali's Prima Materia - Meditations (excerpt) - 07:46
12. Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble - Seasoning The Greens - 15:17
13. Butch Morris - Conduction #72 (excerpt) - 07:34
14. Assif Tsahar Trio + John Tchicai - Event Horizon - 09:55
15. Other Dimensions In Music - Dewey's Banquet - 12:53

Produced & compiled by Steven Joerg,
with assistance from Patricia Nicholson,
Steve Dollar, William Parker & Ben Young
Recorded by Alen Hadzi Stefanov on May 28–June 1, 1997
at the 2nd Annual Vision Festival, Orensanz Art Center, NYC
Mastered by Chris Flam at Mindswerve
Front cover art: "The Mastermind" © 1997
by Jeff Schlanger, musicWitness
original painting 39" x 55" made during the
Other Dimensions In Music performance excerpted herein