Joe Morris & Mat Maneri – Soul Search

Joe Morris & Mat Maneri – Soul Search

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[AUM014] - CD in classic jewelcase (clear tray) with 4-panel insert
/// Down to the very last copies!

Joe Morris: electric guitar
Mat Maneri: electric violin

"An astonishing improvised duet that manifests a remarkable synergy. Morris and Maneri can sound like a gypsy duo, or an old folk-blues recording, or any number of things – without a hint of pastiche. From beginning to end, full of commanding improvisations. Not to be missed." –Robert Spencer, Cadence

"Soul Search has set a new benchmark in jazz for the free duo exchange, and it seems likely that said distinction won't be lost any time soon." –Mike Trouchon, Obbrobrium

"There are breath-taking moments on Soul Search when the two players find their way into a little musical world that seems utterly undiscovered." –Duck Baker, JazzTimes

"Critics' Picks of the Year" : Jazziz

Having worked together in the exceptional Joe Morris Quartet and as a trio with Mat's father Joe Maneri for ECM, two of the world's great improvisers – and technical prodigies on their respective instruments – set up mics, pressed record, and unfurled a series of fully improvised theaters of sound. Subtlety and nuance and deepest listening together rule.

From the liner notes by Joe Morris:
"As far as Mat Maneri and I are concerned, there is only one way to approach creating music and that is by attempting to make an original statement. We know that music that eventually passes the test of time comes from artists who have delved deeply into the elemental substructure of the language of music and found a way to open minds to new ideas. Mat and I reach for the place that touches our sense of meaning in the most contemporary way. The sharpest listeners are on the same quest as we are. They are deep enough to know that a complex organization of sound played with unique technique can only be made by a curious person dealing with life as an adventure into uncharted territory, in the hopes of deciphering some meaning out of the mystery."

1. Slight Of Hand - 08:04
2. Adhesive - 06:40
3. Eyes Or Gaze - 05:59
4. Natural Number - 07:57
5. Versicolor - 07:21
6. Soul Search - 02:25
7. Flyer - 05:12
8. Micron - 03:06
9. Forwards And Sideways - 07:08
10. Pluralize - 08:25

All compositions by Joe Morris and Mat Maneri;
© Riti Publishing (ASCAP) / Personasound (BMI)

Produced by Joe Morris, Mat Maneri & Steven Joerg
Recorded by Mat Maneri on August 17, 1999
Mastered by Sascha von Oertzen
Front Cover Photo by Michael Galinsky
Liner notes by Joe Morris