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Farmers By Nature

Photo: Peter Gannushkin


= Farmers By Nature =
Gerald Cleaver: drums, composition
William Parker: bass, composition
Craig Taborn: piano, composition

"Farmers by Nature has shattered my expectations, so deeply has the collective approach been transformed and so vast is its scope. There is magic in every gesture." –Marc Medwin, Dusted in Exile

"The wide idiomatic scope, genuine embrace of risk and steadfast rejection of cliché make Farmers By Nature an undeniably vital presence in any kind of contemporary creative music." –Kevin Le Gendre, Jazzwise

"Their music moves with a fearlessness borne from seasoned virtuosity and uncompromised vision."–Bradley Bambarger, DownBeat

"The abundance of talent, trust, self-confidence, patience and intuition required to collectively improvise at such a high level for more than an hour at a time is possessed by the three members of Farmers by Nature and precious few others." –Britt Robson, JazzTimes

"Breathtakingly fluent. It's just the kind of free music that recruits new followers." – John Fordham, The Guardian

Farmers By Nature is the phenomenal trio of drummer Gerald Cleaver, bassist William Parker, and pianist Craig Taborn. Each are internationally renowned master musicians-improvisers-composers-leaders. When they work together as Farmers By Nature, it is as a complete improvising musical collective; all of their meetings are auspicious and rewarding events which reveal an intrinsic focus on narrative arc. Sowing seeds of sound and bringing them eloquently into fully realized blossom. Abstract, organic and fully inviting in the process.

Gerald Cleaver writes:
"Craig, William and I are always seeking a connection to that which is and always has been. It's about being party to an actualization of sorts: bearing witness to certain very specific, essential truths that can be spoken of in an infinite number of ways, and sounded in an amazingly singular way. The music is a telling and a prescription for us and for others."

These are their three works on record to date.  There will be more to come..