50 Miles of Elbow Room you could do all your record shopping here late one Saturday night and wake up next week's Sunday morning feeling good about life again. Sweet!

Custom Precision my very dear brother's work, he can make anything out of metal for you; fully within exacting specifications.

Destination: Out "you want it, you got it!" fun and intelligence together is good ya.

All About Jazz has been since inception making it a point to cover the full spectrum; includes interviews, features, reviews on almost every AUM Artist & Release, as well as an interview with AUM Fidelity founder Steven Joerg, from September 2000.and then again in June 2006.

Infinite Wheel home of the Dub Selector interactive mood elevator. The installments kept getting better and better .. striictly "archive" now but still live and worthy of keeping this link up for the best of what could be manifest with early web 1.5 tools and skills; color me impressed, whoever was responsible for this.

Pressure Sounds the finest roots reggae & dub reissue/re-presentation label, ever. Much respect.

Specimen Products custom-built & designed stringed instruments and Tube Amplified Sound Projectors. Check see the wares of a craftsman with an actualized sensitivity to the finer points of the 'old world way.'

Vision Festival The premier forward/spirit/ecstatic jazz festival in the world. NYC is the place to be in June.

The Whole Shebang some of Rick Lopez' work, featuring extensively detailed sessionographies of William Parker, David S. Ware, Matthew Shipp and much more.


( AUM Fidelity )