..... .. .David S. Ware, Saxophone Colossus, Profound Spirit
...... . . . . (1949 - 2012)
..Forever / Never to be Forgotten

2005, Paris (photo by Christian Ducasse).

The David S. Ware Memorial Service took place
on Monday, January 7, 2013 – 7:30–9:30pm
at Saint Peter's Church in Manhattan,
619 Lexington Avenue at 54th Street

There were a pair of wonderfully written pieces on the memorial:
in The New York Times
by Nate Chinen, and by Larry Blumenfeld on his Blu Notes blog.

Here are links to very nice photos from the night, by Phil Freeman.

The musical portions of the service were presented by
Cooper–Moore : solo harp /
William Parker :
special presentation /
Muhammad Ali & Darius Jones :
in duo /
Joe Morris
(guitar) & Warren Smith : in duo /
Andrew Cyrille, Daniel Carter, Joe Morris
(bass) : in trio /
Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Guillermo E. Brown :
in trio, compositions by DSW /

Thank You once again to every one who played, spoke, and was otherwise a part of this memorial.



This page was created to collect in one place some of the many writings on David S. Ware that appeared in the wake of his passing.

I want to thank all of the innumerable folks who sent notes of condolence and, just a day before he passed, notes of support, love and encouragement to David and his family. The outpouring of love and appreciation for David and his work was overwhelming. And to the radio programmers who presented and continue to present tribute specials after hearing the news, and all the folks whose writings are re-posted below.

David S. Ware was one of the greatest saxophonists, conceptualists, and bandleaders in the history of music, jazz or otherwise. He was also a treasured friend. He will be missed most deeply. Both for the music he would have continued to bless us all with, and for the further conversations about any everything I was looking forward to having with him.

This page was first posted on David's birthday, November 7, 2012. He would have turned 63.

-Steven Joerg / AUM Fidelity



The Wire (December print edition) - Remembrances by William Parker & Steven Joerg
Thank you to The Wire editors for asking William and myself to contribute these pieces. PDF available here:


DownBeat by William Meyer
The best, most comprehensive (re: essential elements) obituary posted in the immediate wake of his passing.


CultureCatch by Steve Holtje
A concise history and a previously unpublished transcript of an interview the author (a long-time fan) conducted in January 1995 for a feature in The Wire.


Matthew Shipp was asked by three different media to write on David. Each of his pieces are distinct and cover different aspects of Ware and his work, focusing on the David S. Ware Quartet, of whom Matthew was a foundational and perpetual member for the duration of their existence.

(Newsweek's) The Daily Beast by Matthew Shipp

New Music Box by Matthew Shipp

ASCAP by Matthew Shipp
[ a small note that "esthetic jazz" herein was meant to read "ecstatic jazz" ; confirmed this with Matthew -sj ]


BBC / Jazz on 3
A very rich 90 minute special tribute program.


Rhapsody by Seth Colter Walls
Fresh word choices by a good writer.


Burning Ambulance by Phil Freeman
“The first time [I interviewed him], he picked me up at the train station in his Ford Mustang and drove me back to his house at terrifying speed.”


Jazz Chronicles by James Hale
“David S. Ware was one of those musicians whose soulfulness was evident in every note he played. At times, he seemed to be indomitable.”


Blu Notes by Larry Blumenfeld
Another concise history+


Soprano Sax Talk by Sam Newsome
A fellow saxophone player writes on first meeting/hearing David.


Chicago Reader by Peter Margasak
Good set of links interspersed with the writer’s personal history of conversion to fully ardent Ware fan.


Jazzwise by Daniel Spicer
“While Ware’s many admirers will mourn this premature loss, there’s comfort to be had from the fact that the two short years gained by [kidney transplant] surgery allowed him time to record some of his strongest work.”


The New York Times by Ben Ratliff


NPR by Patrick Jarenwattannanon
A straight factual piece but which features Matthew Shipp’s very first words on David a half-day after his passing, in an email to the writer on October 19th.




DAVID S. WARE - official biography / complete discography as leader


photo by Thibault Bachelerie, 2007, Sons d'Hiver Festival

2007, Sons d'Hiver Festival (photo by Thibault Bachelerie).................



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