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AUM 005. - WHIT DICKEY Trio ...Transonic ...
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1. Planet One 4.48 ((( Listen )))

2. Penumbra 6.18
3. Transonic 9.17
4. Second Skin 8.03
5. Volleys 5.45
6. Tableau 5.12
7. Kinesis 3.36
8. Skyhook 9.38

All compositions by Whit Dickey, except 4 & 7,
which are by the group.

Whit Dickey - drums
Rob Brown - alto sax, flute
Chris Lightcap - bass
Produced by Whit Dickey and Steven Joerg
Recorded on January 17;
Mixed and Mastered on January 23, 1998
at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn.
Engineer: Michael Marciano.
Cover painting & design by Ming@409
This is Whit Dickey's first album as a leader. In 1996, Whit parted ways with the stunning groups of David S. Ware and Matthew Shipp - of which he was full part and parcel - under circumstances that provided stories which all involved are now able to laugh about. After a period of understandable dismay, Whit was inspired anew by aligning himself with his renewed compositional urges. At the top of the new year, armed with an album's worth of freshly formed lines, he went into the studio with long-time associate Rob Brown and then relative new-comer to the scene Chris Lightcap. The results of that session are here on Transonic. Fully engaging, the tunes are fleshed into their final form with extremely giving performances by all. Whit Dickey's addictive sense of time is ON, and his dancerly touch up top of the kit fully meshed with his full-bodied low end drive. Rob Brown - one of this generation's most gifted alto sax improvisors - burns like an axious mofo when he is driven, and he is burning all through this album. In our opionion, these are some of his greatest performances ever captured on tape (yoho, check 'The Peach Orchard' as well). Young Chris Lightcap on bass fully proved himself worthy of this company at the time, and has continued to do so (check him on 'A Cloud Of Black Birds'). Man, I love trios (and thanks again D.). And this is a great trio album!-SJ

AUM Fidelity